Comcast Really Does Care (kinda)

No more rabbit ears! We’re finally jumping into the 21st Century over here at chez Reilly and now have cable television. I can’t wait to watch Mad Men tonight.

But getting the cable hooked up yesterday through Comcast proved to be a mighty struggle. We literally wasted an entire day waiting for the Comcast technician to show up to complete a 15 minute job.

When we ordered the service, they gave us the famous three-hour window; someone would show up to help us between 8AM-11AM. We hate being stuck in the house, especially on a Saturday, but perhaps someone would be there early and we could still salvage the day. But at 11:30, we still hadn’t heard from anybody and decided to call. We learned there was “a delay at dispatch” and someone should be by at 1:30PM.

I was really fuming by 3PM when there was still no sign of Comcast and decided to launch into “I’ll get them using social media” mode. I remembered reading about @ComcastCares, the Twitter channel established by Frank Eliason, that was supposed to be a great way for angry customers to vent their frustrations with the cable giant. I fired off a message through Twitter asking what was going on and complained that my family and I had lost almost an entire day waiting for their technician. My kids had been amped up to go to the park for hours.

I was really surprised that almost immediately I received a response from @ComcastMelissa who promised to talk to her contacts in Maryland (where I live) and get someone over to my house pronto. And it worked! Ronald from Comcast showed up pretty soon after tweeting with Melissa and very quickly hooked up our cable. It literally took 15 minutes.

I used Twitter to write back to Melissa thanking her for helping but also offering that the company needs to communicate better if there are significant delays like this. I mean, one phone call saying they were running late would have been extremely helpful. Melissa tweeted back that she was going to give us a late service credit and – get this – ask me to apologize to the kids for her!

None of this makes up for the fact that Comcast showed up almost eight hours late for a 15 minute service call. But knowing someone is out there listening to my frustrations, trying to help, and saying “sorry, we messed up” really goes a long way with me!

What about you? Have you had any bad experiences that have been alleviated using social media tools?

2 thoughts on “Comcast Really Does Care (kinda)

  1. Vanessa Cornell

    Laura Frank and I are reading your blog right now like it is the Sunday morning paper. Nice work, Brian. This is a great story about the endless possibilities of social media. I love that you went into “’I’ll get them using social media’ mode” as I know I have been there “liking” such things on Facebook as “I hate Sears.”

    1. reillybri Post author

      Thanks Vanessa and Laura for reading and commenting. Indeed, social media seems to be a great way to ensure quality service!


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